Saturday, June 6, 2009

Six month pics

Taylor is getting SO big! You can tell from the pics this month that she's getting a lot more active!!

First day of "school"

Taylor started attending the daycare program at Arkansas Children's Hospital, where I work, on Tuesday! She did very well (much better than mommy!!) and has very sweet teachers taking care of her! We sure do miss our Aunt Nikki though - but are SO PROUD because she just got accepted into nursing school!

First time eating rice cereal....

Well - this was actually our second attempt at rice cereal! (Our first attempt DID NOT go well - I think she was WAY to hungry and couldn't figure out why we wouldn't give her a bottle. She was not impressed!) Things went better the second time around, but she honestly doesn't seem to love the stuff...I think we're gonna have to add some flavor to it!

Happy Memorial Day!!

I promise we didn't make her wear her hat all day!! It was just too funny to not get a picture in though!

Five month pics...a little late!!